1 /rI'pi:t/ verb
1 STATE AGAIN (T) to say or write something again: Can you repeat your question? | repeat that: Steven repeated patiently that he was busy.
—see say 1
2 DO AGAIN (T) to do something again: Repeat the treatment twice a day if necessary. | Anyone who gets less than 45% will have to repeat the test.
3 ACHIEVE STH AGAIN (T) to achieve the same results, or the same high level of performance: Other scientists are trying to repeat these results. | Can he repeat his success of 1993?
4 LEARN (T) to say something you have learned: Sandra repeated the poem hesitantly. | repeat after sb: Repeat after me: amo, amas, amat...
5 TELL STH YOU HEAR (T) to say something that you have heard someone else saying: Don't repeat this to anyone but I think Derek's got a new girlfriend.
6 repeat yourself to say something that you have already said without realizing that you have done it: Mrs Fardell repeats herself a bit, but she's very good for 85.
7 BROADCAST (transitive often passive) to broadcast a television or radio programme again: `Omnibus' will be repeated at 10 o'clock on Tuesday.
8 FOOD (intransitive + on) informal if food repeats on you, its taste keeps coming back into your mouth after you have eaten it
9 sth doesn't bear repeating used to say that you do not want to repeat what someone has said, especially because it is rude: Her comments about her ex-husband just don't bear repeating!
10 history repeats itself used to say that an event is like something that happened before
2 noun (C)
1 a television or radio programme that has been broadcast before: There's nothing but repeats on the TV tonight.
2 an event very like something that happened before
(+ of): The England-Holland match was basically a repeat of last year's game at Wembley. | repeat performance (=something bad that happens again): Last year's holiday was a disaster - we don't want a repeat performance this year.
3 repeat order a supply of the same products to a customer who has ordered them before
4 repeat prescription BrE an order for medicine that you have had before, which you can get without seeing your doctor
5 technical the sign at the end of a line of written music that tells the performer to play the music again, or the act of playing the music again

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.


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